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BMPowered Consulting & Services, LLC offers services & products that provide strategic approaches to solve environmental science, health, and regulatory compliance issues.

This is further achieved through ongoing projects that focus on specific issues or groups.

MISSION:  To equip & empower stakeholders to create & facilitate sustainable eco solutions for effective outcomes.

VISION:  Better connected eco solutions for a better Planet.

Owner & Chief Strategist

Bekkah Marshall, CEHP

Bekkah Marshall, CEHP is the Owner & Chief Eco Strategist of BMPowered Consulting & Services. She is a Trained Environmental Scientist with a specialization in Water Quality & Treatment. She is a Certified Environmental Health Professional (CEHP) with an emphasis on foodborne and waterborne diseases.

For over a decade, Bekkah has safeguarded public health from contaminants, protected the natural environment from pollution, & provided scientific & technical assessments for industries & municipalities as an Environmental Specialist.

Now her varied knowledge & skills are dedicated to creating & facilitating sustainable eco solutions for communities, municipalities & eco driven industries.


Bekkah is an alumna of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

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Services Offered

environmental health,science, & regulatory compliance based




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