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The goal of the Blk H2O is to connect Black Owned Drinking Water Companies with opportunities & information to be a recognized brand with impact.

The initiative is in its initial stage of gathering collective input from those that are dedicated to providing quality drinking water as a Black Owned Business.


leads this initiative with over a decade of experience in water quality & treatment and continued training in the food & beverage industry. During her travels in West Africa, she noticed that bottled drinking water on the Continent & in the United States of America needed more Black / African representation.

She is now moving forward in connecting with brands & consumers to understand any roadblocks that limit Black Owned Drinking Water Brands from increased exposure & consumers locally & globally.

Bek in Senegal -Food & Water
Drinking Water in Dakar with my Sengalese Jollof with Fish 🇸🇳

Please take a moment to complete the form to assist in being a part of progressive change & development.

You can remain anonymous or fill in information. All information provided is held confidential and will not be sold to 3rd parties.

As a thank you, upon completion, you will be provided an option to submit 3 drinking water questions to Bek to be answered at no cost. Submission deadlines June 19-July 19.


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