biz with bek project

The Biz With Bek Project was created to assist projected or new Women Owned  Biz Startups in operating sustainably.

Project Goal: educating & equipping, aspiring & new women business owners to be strategic, connected & compliant savvy 

The Biz With Bek Project is currently aimed at empowering aspiring Women Owners of Food Biz Start Ups located in Florida.

Florida focused compliance based products & consultations are provided in line with current rules, regulations & industry trends.

Specializing in temporary food events and ghost kitchen operations.

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This project serves exclusive clientele that meets the following criteria:

  • Food Service Operation Start Up (planned yet not in operation)
  • Florida Based Food Service Operation
  • a Future Women Owned Food Service Operation with
  • Needing Regulatory Guidance in Small Food Service Operation and/or Temporary Events

*Regulatory procedures & information are based on Florida Administrative Code, Local County Ordinances and the Food &  Drug Administrative Code.

**Please note: Certification number and government agency contact number for credential verification is provided prior to any scheduled consultation sessions

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