Bekkah Marshall, CEHP (Certified Environmental Health Professional)

Bekkah is an Eco & Water Solutions Strategist. Professionally,she is a trained environmental scientist & certified environmental health professional. She has over a decade of experience in applying scientific & technical expertise within her role in environmental regulatory affairs. This included assessing regulated entities’ water quality & treatment methods & the protection of water sources.

After conducting over 10,000 environmental assessments as an environmental regulatory official, she has mastered the skill of collectively addressing:

  • public & private sector & stakeholders’ interests
  • community needs & concerns
  • and eco & water impacts

in order to strategize a comprehensive plan of approach & action.

For eco & water questions such as:

*Strategically Solving Environmental Issues in Impacted Areas: Emphasis Water Pollution

  • on a community level
  • from a stakeholder perspective
  • from an environmental regulatory & compliance viewpoint

Schedule a 1 hour strategy session to receive actionable steps towards a sustainable solution.

Group, Organizational, Business, Community & Individual Leaders may book a consultation to ensure a timely answer & a detailed action plan (pdf):

Request quote for consultation for an extended time period.

*Any inquirer willfully assumes sole responsibility of all risks associated with advice.

**Please note beginning January 1, 2020, the 1 hour strategy session investment will be upgraded to $397 and will include a detailed action plan with an included follow up assessment.

Proud Alumna of the

University of South Florida! Go Bulls!


“She provided strategic ideas to address waterborne diseases & assisted with getting our water purification tablet into production. Her work is top notch.”

Musando Joseph Mwansa, Founder

Global Empowers

“Bekkah’s visit to Senegal was greatly impactful as she worked to find solutions for water quality & environmental challenges in the region. “

RJ Mahdi, CEO
Made in Africa Project